WoW 6.2 as I see it.

Nobbel does a great coverage of the 6.1 -> 6.2 speculation.

What we know:
  • Iron Docks quest hub area is planned to open in 6.2. I envision this happening a lot like Pandaria: Isle of Conquest where we quested to open up the different phases of the island. Instead we'll be headed to Tannan jungle to work there. 
  • We need to continue the legendary quest chain.. So some new content to generate things to collect. This could be simply something to finalize the ring.
  • Blizzcon is November 6/7. 
My theory:
  1. 6.2 will drop before Blizzcon.. I say sometime around August. It will probably be a two parter as we've seen with Highmaul -> Blackrock Foundry. That way Blizz can announce, part 2 at Blizzcon as well. 
  2. Blizzcon will announce the next expansion. As we're likely to only have 2-3 patches in this expansion, here's to hoping that the next expac drops around February 2016. 


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