Thanks Tome Of Ancients

What an awesome surprise..

So, in honor of my new pet, I've renamed her Tomena. She's already done me proud by winning the daily battle against the Quintessence of Light.

Thanks for the mechanical scorpid!

Update: Well, thanks Tomena?! I spent 4 hours last night, running my priest around doing all the pet-battle quests. Guess what happened, she leveled. 90 -> 91. Sure half that XP was from opening the garrison, but she hasn't even gone far enough in the quest line to open the first profession building..

45 achievement points later, and almost 2am, I have now completed the Taming Kalimdor and Taming Outland achievements. At 94:100 for Master Pet Hunter and 210:250 for Going to Need More Leashes. Only need "Magic" for Family Reunion.

I guess, I should head back to Winterspring and look more for the Snowy Owl. Lots of alpine hare and chipmunk, but never saw this guy.. I did pickup the clockwork bear though!


  1. I'm pretty bad, if someone even hints that they might try pet battles I'm right there going pssst, pssst, over here. I can't ever bear to get rid of pets so I usually have a few looking for good homes.

    I'm glad she helped with the leveling too. I just started a Rogue. I'll have to remember that!


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