Over Reaction to Proving Grounds

Not so bad..
Ok, I have to admit, I've given the proving grounds a bit of a hard time. Last night, I decided to give our relationship a second try and it wasn't so bad. Really!?

Last night, I was consistently making it to wave 5 or 6. A couple times, I saw the last fight. Worst off, I know what I am doing wrong. Moving way too much on this last fight. I think I need to stun the closest amber weaver, let far amber weaver encase the healer. So I can focus down the healer while he's disabled.

Due to my short term memory, I've started making notes of what to do. Primarily I want the positioning, so that I am not running between the two locations, mid fight. I think of it as a giant clock, with marks at the quarter hour with the 'front' edge is at 6 o'clock. Right off, I have put up my portal from 6 to 3 and parked my doomlord at the 9.
  1. Havoc lizard (right) focus fire down guardian. 
  2. Rain of fire on varmints, focus down lizard, fire and brimstone to cleanup remaining varmints.
  3. Move to 3, havoc far lizard, focus amber weaver, swap to closer lizard and refresh havoc. 
  4. Move back to 6. rain of fire on varmints, focus fire amber weaver.
  5. Rain of fire on varmints, burn down healer, interrupt first heal with ShaodwFury, should be down before second heal. 
  6. Move to 3. Havoc guardian, focus fire healer, cleanup lizard. 
  7. ?? 
  8. ?? 
I actually think it's close. Give me a handful more times to fail at this and I think I'll get it!! Maybe it did finally require me getting the correct combination of stats via my gear. Maybe the use of the doomlord is helping and I am not running out of time as often. Just need to work on my positioning for the last two fights and you'll see my happy post.. 


  1. I think you are going to get it soon. Once you realize it is more about positioning and not about blowing things up, it all falls into place once you know the pattern. Good luck.


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