Opening Garrison Pet Menagerie with Level 1 Pets!

Probably due to my wife's OCD rubbing-off on me, but I hated having the pet menagerie manager pestering me with a quest, that I had no ability or desire to complete. Sure, I could level up my pets from Ashenvale up through the various zones, until finally reaching max level, but why would I want to?!

Last weekend, I followed up on a comment by Grumpy Elf. He mentioned that I take the short (one-time) quest, Unearthed Magic, from my menagerie manager. This quest is available once on each level 100 toon. This quest provided me the Ultimate Battle-Training Stone. Someone mentioned that you should use the stone on either the Molten Corgi or the Terrible Turnip as they both have abilities that leave 1 health. Allowing you to tame more pets!

I chose the corgi for my starter pet. This left my pet party with a level 25 corgi, level 11 blighthawk and level 9 blizzard bear. The corgi was enough alone to carry the fights for the Pets versus Pests quest. Each is a 1 (pest) versus 3 (pet) fight. Only one of these fights, I had to run twice because the corgi died early on.

Druid up, she promotes the snail to 25. Less informed suggestion as I went to Internets and searched "ideal pet battle team". The pet is rare quality, but not sure it's a great choice for #2. Either way, I was able to use this two 25 team to capture a level 23 seagull right from my garrison, rounding out my current team.

With these three, I can finally start considering capturing pets again.. Maybe leave the corgi as my starter and re-visit all the starting areas to work on the 'pets of azeroth' achievement.. Leading to MOAR PETS!!


  1. When I saw you said snail I was hoping you meant the silkbead snail. While not an awesome pet I do tend to use it for a lot of battles as it has some uses.

    I'd suggest taking a look over at, they had a post this week a few days back about the 10 best pets to stone to 25. While I think there are some better, their list of 10 is fantastic and I would suggest getting all to 25 at one point or another.

    If you have enough level 100s, remember each level 100 gets that quest so each one can make another level 25. Just don't be an idiot like me and accidentally use it on a level 24. :( Use it on a low level that will get the most use out of it.

    Good luck on pet battling and be warned, it can get addictive fast.

    1. :) I just linked to the blizzwatch post here (see MOAR PETS). I don't have any of other 9 that they list there (ok, I believe I have the turnip, but don't need two like that).


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