Mobile Blogging about mobile garrison

As a dedicated Windows phone user, I am always looking for apps to make my life a little easier. Unfortunately the app market is still in such an infancy that there are not a lot of GOOD options. Sure, like ios and Android, there are loads of trash apps, fart sound boards, personality tests, time waster games. Unfortunately, not many major developers have jumped on the band wagon. Audible hasn't updated their app for 2 years!! Starbucks is only third party apps, so no flashing my phone to pay. Today, I found a Blogger app that looks very promising, Pin Blogger. See and read existing posts, see comments, and as I type, post to my blog.. Speaking of mobile apps, Blizzard where's the love? ❤ You give us this awesome time sink in garrisons, garrison missions, yet no way outside the games to schedule them. I have followers sitting idle because I am at the office and don't have access to the game. I'd love to be able to check their status, apply upgraded if their in my bags and send them out again on new and exciting missions.


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