Garrison Growth

I've reached level 2 with my garrison, and would like to start growing my professions buildings (alchemy, herbalism). I've also realized that the Tailoring hut probably won't benefit me any and should be replaced. I want to start a salvage yard.

Here is the research materials I found:

  1. Ask Mr Robot has compiled a great list of each garrison resource.  Based on their suggestion, I am going to start an enchanting hut for my third small plot. This will allow me to DE all my drops, instead of just vendoring them.
  2. WoWJuJu has compiled a great list for garrison followers. From here, I found out that the blueprint vendor is in my garrison and he sells them for around 1000g. I was looking at the vendor in Ashran and thought he was the only one. In addition, you can only assign a follower to a level 2 building. 
  3. WoWHead breaks down when and where blueprints come available. Through this I realized that I am probably about to get the plans for all my small plots soon as I think I am about done in Talador, maybe, ah who knows. As an alchemist, I'd really like to upgrade my farm. For dungeon/raiding, I'd really like a level 2 salvage yard. 
Blizzard, I hope you realize, this better move with me.. I am spending a lot more time and resources than I imagined on this place. 


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