What You Get When? Part 2

Headdress of the Green Circle
So, after leveling my last druid up to 60, I boosted to 90. Now that I am leveling this second druid all the way to 90, I feel that I need to update this list to include items after.

Update (10/12): This list isn't quite correct with the level 65, Sethekk Halls dropped in my LFD queue. Looking for a better source of info.

58: Dungeon: Blackrock Spire
59: Dungeon: Hellfire Ramparts (first BC dungeon)

60: Talent slots open up
60: Expert Riding (normal flying)
60: Flight Master's License (fly in vanilla)
63: Dungeon: The Underbog
64: Dungeon: Mana-Tombs
65: Dungeon: Auchenai Crypts
66: Dungeon: Old Hillsbrad Foothills: "Escape from Durnholde"
67: Dungeon: Sethekk Halls
68: Dungeon: The Mechanar
68: Dungeon: Magister's Terrace

All these plus Utgarde Keep can be selected into.
According to this guide, these dungeons never come up on the random queue. This value should be if you queue specifically for them:
68: Dungeon: Utgarde Keep (first WOTLK)
69: Dungeon: The Nexus
Note: at 69 you can no longer random queue for BC dungeons. 

70: Learn swift flight form
70: Artisan Riding (required for swift flight form)

72: Dungeon: Azjol-Nerub
74: Dungeon: Drak'Tharon Keep
75: Talent slots open up (Ursol's Vortex, Mighty Bash, Disorienting Roar)
75: Third glyph activated
75: Dungeon: Violet Hold
76: Dungeon: Gundrak
77: Dungeon: Halls of Stone
79: Dungeon: Halls of Lightning
79: Dungeon: The Occulus
79: Dungeon: Utgarde Pinnacle

WoTLK dungeons Not on random dungeon finder:
80: Dungeon: Blackrock Caverns (first Cataclysm dungeon)
80: Dungeon: Throne of Tides
82: Dungeon: The Stonecore
82: Dungeon: The Vortex Pinnacle
84: Dungeon: Lost City of Tol'vir
84: Dungeon: Halls of Origination
84: Dungeon: Grim Batol
85: LFR for Cataclysm Raids opens up. :) 
85: Dungeon: Stormstout Brewery (first Mists of Panderia dungeon)
87: Dungeon: Shado-Pan Monastery
87: Dungeon: Mogu'Shan Palace

90: Talent slots open up (Dream of Cenarius, Heart of the Wild, or Nature's Vigil)
90: Wisdom of the Four Winds (fly in Pandaria)


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