Name Reclaim

With the name reclaim coming with 6.0, I decided to revisit each of my legacy characters. Deleting those that I started on a whim. Returning back, back, way back to the very first character that I created upon first loading up the game.

Joralin, the Human Paladin. When I started, 2 of my co-workers had encouraged me to start playing the game. At that time, they were playing as Alliance on Kul Tiras. About 2 weeks into the game, they  decided to pack up and move to Malfurion. Hence Joralin stagnated at level 12.

When looking at him, you'll probably notice how badly he's equipped. To my defense, I was coming from a strict FPS background where every drop could be considered an upgrade. Look this gray weapon is +1 strength compared to this blue one.. I had only just begun to figure out the basics to the game when they converted to the Horde.

Will Joralin live? Maybe. I haven't deleted him, yet. With the coming expansion, these same friends are firing up new Alliance toons back on Kul Tiras. 'Testing the waters' to see what the game feels like after a year off. Maybe I'll run a tank hybrid and level up with them. I've considered throwing some heirloom gear his way, make the process a bit easier. I have a DK, currently sporting heirloom strength plate chest and shoulders, that would make a decent set. 3000 justice and I could get the heirloom sword or axe for him (or the DK). Either way, I guess it depends on my friends if he lives or fades back into obscurity.


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