Why NOT Grommash? (as end boss of Warlords)

During Blizzcon 2013 and a few weeks ago, Tom Chilton has let us know that the 'end-boss' of Warlords is going to be Grommash Hellscream. This caused a bit of outrage as people also heard "not another Orc" as the end-boss. Some are translating this to "not just any orc" or "not just an (single) orc" to justify Grommash as the end-boss. If you look at the story leading up to where we are now, Grommash actually makes sense.

In our timeline (with spoilers from War Crimes):
  1. Grommash, father of Garrosh, kills Manroth and finally ends the Orc's (self inflicted) demon blood infection.
  2. Garrosh, "saved" by Thrall in Nagrand comes back to Orgrimmar to see what his father helped build.
  3. Garrosh is recruited as a military leader during the fight against the Lich King.
  4. He comes home to a hero's welcome and takes over as Warchief Pro Tempore while Thrall helps elementals. Deathwing happens.
  5. Garrosh goes a little power crazy.
  6. Garrosh is put on trial, then escapes before judgement is declared. 
  7. With help of Wrathion and Kairoz, he escapes to the past; to a time when Orcs were powerful and full of potential. 
  8. Garrosh's influence helps divert the initial 'incident' of drinking of the blood. Encouraging Dad to seek power, not slavery.
  9. Garrosh get's dealt with some how (in WoD); probably a scenario, I'd really hope he wouldn't rate as a WoD dungeon or raid boss. 
  10. Grommash see's how evil we (i.e. from Garrosh's Azeroth) are and wants to avenge his son's death. 
  11. He unites the clans and plans to send them through the new dark portal. 
Now from the "in action" video that Blizzard put out, you can spot multiples Warlords.

2:15 and 4:32 - Guldan? Warlock spells, horns.
3:09 - Blackhand?
3:12 - Giant Orc with blade hand, Kargath's influence.
4:34 - Killrogg? (it's long-shot and only a flash on screen).

Sadly, I haven't done anything in the Beta, otherwise, I would probably know the answers to who all these people are. I believe we'll level through the various zones in Draenor, opening up our garrison and the various dungeons in these areas.

Am I disappointed that it's Grommash?  No. Would fighting Wrathion or Kairoz be better choices? Not really sure. We've had dragon bosses before. We've killed Deathwing, now Wrathion is going to avenge his dad?? Or maybe Chromie helps us as we flit through time chasing Kairoz ending in an epic battle.

(not me)

End dream sequence. WotLK and following expansions never happened. We return to Azeroth and find that we're still fighting the Burning Crusade.


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