Legendary, I See Your End Coming..

Ah, no more secrets to collect! I ran one more LFR this morning and killed Jin'rokh (who I haven't seen in quite some time) and grabbed my last secret. That was a long and tedious process. 2-4 secrets per LFR, meaning an easy 6-7 LFR that needed to be completed while under the Gaze buff.

Next came the Thunder Forge scenario, which as a destro warlock wasn't that hard. I simply had my voidwalker tank all the mobs, while I dps'd them down as quickly as possible. Considering there are shado-pan and then celestial guardians there to assist, these fights were just really tank & spank. I now have the lance and ready to fight Nalak. Glad I checked into this before starting the fight this morning??

According to King Wampa, it's not about killing Nalak (like I thought), but avoiding him for the minute it takes to charge the lance. I foresee using the portal to shoot myself out of LoS and the gateway to kite the add.

Next up, the runestone collection and having to suffer through Durumu's maze. I've managed to survive with my sanity by simply not queueing up for this since passing this zone. I do not look forward to it, but with only 4 LFRs providing drops, I need to maximize my collection rate. The (current) Prince buff is only until patch day, Tuesday. My hope most of the 21 bosses drop the runestones this week and I am done collecting!! (5000 timeless coins isn't anywhere as hard as 1 token per raid boss). It's the Celestial Blessing that looks to be the most difficult item coming up.

If you're looking for a guide, I am loving the Icy-Veins write up better than other's I've seen. Instead of a bunch of bullet points, it reads, so you can skim down and figure out where you are at.

Update (Monday): Nalak was easy. Once I figured out how to successfully keep his interest and avoid his attacks. I gave up trying to use my lock portals and gateways and simply ran my successful attempt.

  1. Fire off Fel Flame for a low impact attack. 
  2. Send in Voidwalker to take heat. Run to top of stairs by raid entrance as suggested wait there until VW dies.
  3. Respawn VW so that he picks up fight again from top of stairs. By now Nalak is at top of stairs and SPA will pick him up. 
  4. Run around corner to avoid LOS issue until they are engaged. 
  5. Run to bottom of stairs. Fire off lance. This spawns the add you need.
  6. By now I have enough distance from add that the lance is fully charged by the time he's even close. 
Sadly the RNG bosses hate me. I ran all 4 LFR that should drop runestones. Of the 21 20 (I counted Ra-den) bosses, I saw and killed 13 of them (like drop in after Iron Juggernaut). Of the 13 bosses, I only got 4 runestones. I plan on running a few of the LFR again tonight, in hopes to gather more of the stones. (at least last 3 in Vale, first 2 in Gates). This could just be my three 100% guaranteed ones off Dark Animus, Lei-Shen and Nazgrim. I foresee at least one more off Sha. 


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