Blizzard: A Request... RE: New Models

OK, One of the BIG things coming up in Warlords is new character models. Their higher polygon counts are going to make for smoother characters, more details and even better character animations.

Using my old PVP shoulder as a transmog. FIRE!
Sadly, I cannot think of a good way in-game to see how Elkagorasa reacts, looks, smiles. The load screen provides some, but not a lot. I could load up the WowHead model viewer. I could try swinging around the camera to see his face.  (He's rather ugly).

Blizzard this is up to you. I think you could really make this work. First off, run over to the Barber shop. Inside you'll find a giant mirror.

Click on Mirror (which has familiar gear mouse icon). And you're presented with a model viewer. This model viewer would present my actual character and allow me to test out each the emotes, cast animations, and dance routines.

95% of the time, I am only ever going to see my character's backside. It would be nice, if I could see what he's presenting to the rest of the world.


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