Blizzard, Request for MY Garrison

Looking at all that's coming out about garrison's in Warlords, I am excited. The opportunities of having various npcs all working for me sound intriguing. Gathering blueprints from the various questing zones so that I can expand my garrison into areas that this single toon can't do. I look forward to expanding a blacksmith's hut and getting myself some nicer weapons.

So I spend the next 2 years building up this awesome, working town of Elkagorasa'shire. With everything I need to level up my gear, start raiding and maybe even some world PVP. I am totally excited that I'll be able to guide my progression through the game and tailor my daily quests to what I love to do. Plant a farm, go fishing, make GOLD on the AH... all at my garrison. I can almost hear the jingle in my head.

But like any expansion, I foresee my Pandaren farm going fallow. Why would I need to plant Windwool cactus while living in Draenor? My garrison is already going to have a farm ran by an NPC. It's highly unlikely that I'll even visit our panda buddies after leaving the giant floating turtle island.

Zooming ahead 2017. Elk is sporting his LFR iLevel 703 gear, doing extremely awesome 2000 dps, and is packing his backpack (and possibly scuba gear) for that inevitable next expansion. Now the place Elkagorasa has called home, building it from the ground up, he is simply to give up on it? I don't think so.

Option 1: Appoint a NPC foreman. Regularly, this NPC foreman will make the rounds, gather up the new materials/finds and mail them to me. "Hey Boss, here's the latest from the garrison. The alchemy lab was able to take those mats you sent from Draenor and make these awesome new healing pots." I am sure this foreman will want some compensation, but I should be able to fund him a few gold each time as long as the items sell on the AH..

Option 2: Take it with me. The Dalaran mages have already proven the technology exists. I'll simply have the goblins shrink it down, and hitch it up to the back of my Horde-a-cycle and bring it with me. When I get back to Orgrimmar, or wherever the dangers exist, I'll just pop the top, and blamo, I have my garrison.

Blizzard, if you want to keep old content viable and visited regularly, let's make a reason to go back there. I'd continue going to Pandaria, if my Tiller farm could grow alchemy mats for future expansions. Garrisons look to have a larger time commitment than the Tiller's rep grind. This is one item I don't think I'll want to give up easily. Blizzard, start thinking now about making it portable. The Dalaran mages did it, why can't I?


  1. I second this.

    I would love to have someone stay on my panda farm and continue to farm for me even if for a fee of say 20 or 50 gold per day and send me the materials as an option if I choose, so I surely would like to do that with garrisons.

    I was so hoping they would have used your mage idea on the farm and transplanted it somewhere in org or SW so I did not need to go back to the valley if I waned to use it. I was also hoping they would update it do we could plant whatever are the current items. Seems both wishes, the movement and the upgrading, we denied. :(

    So with that said, I absolutely 100% agree that when warlords is over I would like to take my garrison with me. If we are putting that much work into it then it should be something we always have access to.


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