Hmm, WoD World PVP Could Be Fun...

WoWJuJu just posted a screenshot from the WoD alpha. It looks like we'll be able to loot the dead bodies of the other players we kill. Now, this has the potential of being awesome. 

I can imagine a whole series of items that could be 'gathered' from Alliance players when they're killed, but I don't think Blizzard will take it far enough.. "Zone specific" items makes me think it will simply be 'quest rewards' sort of like how you can get insignias or  'supplies' from killing players/mobs in Alterac Valley. Here's my suggested items:
  1. Faction specific pets, mounts and recipes. If I kill an Alliance player, let me rip (or actually copy) a page from their cookbook and learn something new. 
  2. Random item from their backpack. Maybe I'd get a drop from the last Horde you killed, a pet you just captured, or a piece of your PVE raid set. Or maybe just a juicy apple. 
  3. How about a portion of your gold? 50% of it transfered to my account, where I will immediately hearth home and transfer it to my bank (alt), zone back in and hunt you down again!! 
  4. Body parts!! It would work like a Halloween mask, where if I kill a Night Elf, I can wear their face around for awhile!  (Or maybe like in Silence of the Lambs, I can make a full NE suit!) 
I am sure there would be other fun things that I am simply not thinking of.  Any ideas? 


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