Brown Ninja to Green Samari

Last night Esha traded in her brown heirloom gear for shiny greens. After reaching 61 on the weekend, I logged in last night to boost Esha to 90. Lot more painful than I originally envisioned.

First off, I decided on following Arielle's advice and respec professions into Blacksmithing and Alchemy before the boost. This required remembering how do I actually unlearn a profession. I knew it was blindingly obvious. First off went to trainer, no option to forget Leatherworking. No sprinkle-y powder of don't-need-that-anymore, no tome of forgetfulness. Looking closer at the UI, I see this greyed out little NO symbol. Oh yeah, that's it. 20 minutes wasted.

Next, Esha ran over to the reforger. I blindly followed the AMR suggestions, converting most everything to Hit or Expertise. She is now sitting at 5% Physical Hit and 11.7% MH Expertise. Unfortunately, AMR assumes that I did all the other optimizations and I am not considering doing any enchants on green i483 gear. I suppose my priest could whip out the cheaper ones and mail them over.. Ok... maybe I'll look at that.

Ran a dungeon. Ugh, Scholomance again. Really? Felt a bit awkward running a heroic dungeon again when I had ran the normal version about a week ago (at level). Had a warrior in the mix who kept pulling aggro, but hey, makes the healer's job easier.. :) Have to get out of the 'pull/kill everything' mentality, I don't need the kills for XP. It just felt clumsy playing last night, but ...

It didn't help that the boost wiped my talents. Yeah, "6 points to spend". I noticed this AFTER the dungeon. Went back to Arielle's post, agreeing with the talent changes, spec'd into Feline Swiftness (instead of Wild Charge), Ysera's Gift, Typhoon (instead of Faerie Swarm), Incarnation, Mighty Bash and Nature's Vigil. The two button mappings/ macros I created no longer worked.

Ended the night prowling around Timeless Isles. With i483 gear, I wasn't very indestructible. Level 92 elites could take me down quickly, 91s I had to mitigate with weaving in a typhoon then some heals. In tank mode, I did lousy DPS. One level 91 snake took a good 5-10 minutes to kill. So I ended up stealthing around, looting treasure boxes and trying to jump in when other people were taking down bosses. Managed to grab myself about 4 pieces of Timeless gear, but hoping to hold out for the token(?) to convert them to 530 gear..

Going forward I need to learn the raid tanking mechanics. If I need to solo a raid boss, shouldn't be an issue. Done that 100 times in dungeons from 15-61. Swapping tanks, swapping threat with another player, sounds like a pain. Or is it like the warrior who kept stealing it from me in Heroic Scholo?


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