The REAL Patch 6.0 Patch Notes.

Reading the April Fools Patch 6.0 release notes were funny,

  • In addition to a Proving Grounds medal of Silver or better being required to queue for Warlords of Draenor Heroic dungeons, a medal of Gold or better is now required to post in the forums.

but the real patch notes are just as fun and entertaining, even rather interesting. 
  • Stat Squish! Your spells will still do the same percent of damage, just the numbers will be 93% less. OK, I could see this coming an expansion ago. Look at my druid, she's approximately level 40 and is in iLevel 40 gear and has 3000 health. My max level warlock is in iLevel 530 cloth gear and has 550k health. That growth rate is not healthy. 
    Before and After Squish
  • The changes to healing specs is going to make for quite a bit different game play. No longer just spam heals, but 'try to make more tactical decisions'. Using AOE heals will not be recommended (costing more mana or doing less heals).. 
  • Removal of Hit / Expertise. Shall make gearing easier as swapping between two items won't kill my hit stacking. Of course, does this mean my spells will never MISS?? or will there be some other mechanic to deal with? 
  • "Button Bloat" removing many 'unused' spells and or combos that don't make sense. Comments below...

  1. CoE effecting ALL enemies within 10 yards of the target sounds scary especially in a dungeon with lots of trash. Will it also cause aggro if you are not actively fighting them or those you've engaged? 
  2. Fel Flame removed. Makes sense personally. With it not refreshing dots, why cast it? If you can complete the green-fire quest, all warlock fire is green..
  3. Drain Soul removed. Such a staple back in the day, but does affliction even use this? I've seen it on some lower level fights with warlocks (raising alt), but not so much in LFR.
  4. Soulshatter removed. Hmmm, I still pull aggro off tanks. More often in heroic dungeons, so this is used, but seldom. 
  5. Unending breath + soul burn. Awesome idea, but only good for affliction locks. What about Demo and Destro? Keep riding on my glyph'd pony

There looks to be some major changes to every class with the patch 6.0. While this is only an alpha build, we should be seeing the PTR release relatively soon. Then we got the long haul with the new load screen, but no new content until the expansion drops.


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