Tanking and Tank Treads

So, leveling is still going on with my druid tank. She has reached 47 without any controversy. Tanking so far via the dungeon finder seems to be a ton of button mashing. I have my tanking abilities and simply mash them as the cooldown pops. Probably not the most efficient, and I'll probably want to prioritize them if tanking a raid, but works for 90% of the dungeons I've hit so far. Only when say a warrior or paladin hop and aggro first do I tend to have to chase mobs down...

Not a "crusader" no crusader heirlooms.
With that, I've started searching out more guardian tank sites to link to. You'll see the "Tank Talk" section now on the side bar including a link to "the Inconspicuous Bear". The author contributed a nice write-up on wowhead about beginner guardian tanking.

Now that she's equipped the DPS dagger, I was looking into possibly a heirloom offhand. There are 3 available (+int tome and 2 shields) if you have the 2200 justice points. Of course, if I had that much justice, I'd buy the 2 handed mace. Wait, I think I have it, champion seals. I was saving them for one of the tourney mounts, but really am I ever going back there to finish it off?? Looks like I still need to complete Troll Champion to get "Crusader Elkagorasa", which, could probably be done with one more visit to Northrend. (only need one more visit)

Found this comment with link to a great spreadsheet comparing enchants on various heirloom items. Of course with only 13 levels left to go, I won't be spending the big-bucks on the weapon enchant..

What do you think of Today's base reveals on Azeroth Choppers?
Alliance front and back in-line tank treads.
Horde trike with dual tank treads on back.
I was like, a trike? Um, already got two! (and) Guess I won't be getting a side-car on that..

Considering this is part 'tank', does this mean that they'll also make a healing and dps bike too??  ;-)


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