Picking a Class to Boost??

I love this list that WoWJuJu has put together reviewing all the various classes and if you should/n't boost it to 90.

Warlocks, never loved, but often envied.
I hadn't thought about DK, but you start at 55, so leveling to 60 would have taken a heck of a lot less time.

Why should I choose a Death Knight?
  • It starts from level 55.
  • You can get to level 60 pretty fast, pick your desired professions and the boost feature will boost those professions to max as well.
  • You can use the character as DPS but you can also tank and if you want to use Looking for Dungeon/Raid feature, as a tank you’ll spend less time in the queue.
  • A Death Knight pretty great at soloing stuff and it had some great survivability abilities.
  • Any Race (except Pandarens) can be a Death Knight.
Why shouldn’t I pick a Death Knight?
  • You have to have at least one more character on your account at or above level 55.
  • The resource system might be a bit unusual for a beginner.
  • You can not use the Death Knight as a Range DPS nor as a Healer. If you want to play those roles, pick another class.


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