Blizzard, I've been thinking.

With a new expansion on the horizon, there are a few things that Blizzard you could really do to expand the game. I feel that there is an entire segment of untapped players out there that would love to have awesome mounts and get to PLAY with them. Sure, the quests to raise, then race the dragon look cool, but how about we make them more detailed, then provide on-going play.

For example, I feel that riding a velociraptor should be more organic. When turning corners, I'd expect the animal to lean into the corners and really rip up the ground. Instead, Stinky just sort of strolls.

What I want to ride would look more like this:

Next, the motorcycles (mechano hog, goblin trike). Here are goblins, reckless and a wee-bit crazy. If you wanted to host an all night rave and didn't care if the place was destroyed when you left, you'd have goblins host it. I'd love to see our bikes, actually be able to drift.

I think it would be awesome, if we could take our mounts out to a race track (Shimmering Flats?) and actually race against other players.. Even better, a PVP battleground! Your mechano-hog sidecar and/or your 3-person mammoth would be a viable fighting platform! If you don't have one, rent one from the race shop before hand! Goblin Death Track, including the cheesy announcers! Only difference, is that your weapons would be provided by team mates. "That's no machine gun, those are my incinerates! ;)" We could race through phased versions of Stormwind and/or Orgrimmar!

"Can I buy flame-outs for my trike for a hundred gold?" Upgrades! I want mount upgrades. I would love to have flames shooting from my goblin trike. Maybe simple things like, change out the flag on the trike to have a skull and crossbones. I'd like to add side-saddle to my camel so that it can carry more stuff. I'd like the BE chicken to have rockets so that it can do short jumps!

Let's see, what else..
  • Charred foot prints behind my felsteed? 
  • Water ripples on ponds when walking by on my kodo or even mammoth. 
  • pterodactyl flying dino-mount!!

What would you like to see? 


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