ACT NOW! Battlefield Barrens Gear SALE ENDS IN 5 DAYS!!

Do you have alts that are sitting idle? Those that would like to raid, but just don't have the gear? Maybe you want one more piece of gear from the Battlefield Barrens weekly quest. Or you're coming back to Warcraft after a long hiatus and would like to see some end-game content? You have 5 more days to get that one last piece and/or use that radical mojo.

Act now because when they're gone, they're gone forever! (or only to be found on the auction house). Note: Siege of Orgrimmar (LFR) is going to require a 496 gear score.

Now, if you're no where near complete on the quest line, don't fret. 5.4 is bringing out new i496 BOA gear. Your DPS toons can now farm gear for your healer toons!

Have Valor? Don't buy SPA gear, upgrade existing gear, buy new gear next week when the SPA sale starts, Sept 10th. All deeply items discounted!


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