Warlock. Role Healer.

Aztec Life Tap?
Sorry, often during various projects around the house, I tend to have 'deep' thoughts about various other things. This time, I believe that a warlock playing the role of healer isn't that to far-fetched. Warlocks have enormous health pools that we use to do damage. We have an entire specialization that deals with stealing health from our enemies to better ourselves. What do we do with it, we spill our own blood to build our power or mana. We give away our health to our minions so they can be stronger and fight for us longer. Why not turn the tables and help our fellow players?

Ok, so let's see. A discipline priest is one who punishes the bad and heals the good. We steal from the bad to heal ourselves. This leads to our higher survivability than some of the other casters (namely mage). We can heal ourselves through our own means. As Destruction, I have 4 different self-heals available to me (let's see... drain life, passive talent soul leech, health stone and the alchemy lifeblood). Affliction (I haven't played since beta) has a few more. Now what if health funnel could be pointed at a tank? Sacrifice the minion to save the druid. That's channeled and say we want to run around, why not the passive talent of soul link. That druid and I will now share a health pool. As I gain health through affliction spells, drain life, dark regeneration, or siphon life type spells, I can pass it off. Instead of sending it to an uncaring minion, maybe send it back to the tank.

It may never happen, but by simply allowing me to change my health funnel or soul link to another player, we could potentially be viable healers.

Any comments?


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