Oh, Yes, Please!

WoWJuJu just posted a short teaser about Virtual Realms coming in 5.4. This feature will basically allow multiple low-population realms to be combined into a new virtual realm. Toons will be able to interact, trade and even sell/buy things off a shared auction house. WoW Insider pointed out that this could, in fact, allow you to mail items to your own toons between realms (assuming your realms all join together).

With Blizzard's new push for pre-made groups, I see this as a saving grace for these realms. I sat for about an hour in Orgrimmar last week waiting trying to build a 3-man Heroic Scenario team. Malfurion-US is a medium population Central time zone PVE server, so there isn't a ton of people on mid-day of a week-day. Merging the population of a number low to middle population servers would be wonderful.

As with the speculation, I am curious how they intend to do this? My current battlegroup, Shadowburn, contains 18 realms; 13 PVP (and RP-PVP) and 5 PVE. I'd HOPE that my new virtual realm wouldn't become a PVP realm. Personally, I wouldn't think so. I believe that Blizzard is simply applying their same 'low pop zones' phasing (aka CRZ) to the entire realm.
  • Realm type - match PVE to PVE, PVP to PVP, RP to RP
  • Time zone - within 3hrs of your current realm's timezone. Malfurion is Central time, so I should see players from all of North America. 
  • Language - same language set as default
With the new Flexible Raiding and Heroic scenarios requiring pre-built teams, I am totally looking forward to this change.


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