25 Warlocks vs Heart of Fear

"We used everyone's demonic gateways 
to minimize our threat. Using the gates 
almost every 15 seconds for the buff."
A friend shared this album with me. It is series of 12 screen captures from a 25 man raid team downing all 6 of the bosses from the Heart of Fear. The cool part, they are all warlocks!

I think this is pretty awesome that 25 clothies are able to take down current raid content with only our pets. Despite Blizzard saying that we won't be tanks, this shouldn't be possible if true. We should be squashed the first time the boss looks at us..

What made that run doable was the using of multiple voidlords tanking the bosses, and by tanking I mean taking a few hits and dying (+ of course all our survival and self healing abilities). Because locks can easily manage their aggro (through gateways and soulshatter), you could infinitely rotate pets tanking with no issue. (source)

Just to make our intent clear, the Glyph of Demon Hunting
isn't intended to turn Demonology warlocks into a tanking spec. 
You won't be able to queue as a tank for Dungeon Finder 
for instance and won't have the survivability 
or tools of say a Protection paladin.
So, we can't queue as a tank, but can take the tank role for short periods of time. Over the weekend, I was helping a level 84 priest level up via dungeons. It would have been really nice to be able to actually queue up for these ("Elkagorasa's level is too high"), queueing up as tank would have been awesome! 

Still awesome that with 25 warlocks, they were able to finish the raid. I hope to see this done more with newer content.


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