Oh, Never Mind

Last night I experienced my worst case of LFR fail. You know the kind you wait 10 minutes to get there, then wish you never clicked the "Accept" button!?

My first thought was "That was awfully quick!?". I typically run through a scenario then dungeon then the raid pops. Not last night. As soon as I dropped out of my scenario, I was immediately dropped into Pinnacle of Storms. Ok, sure, that's got a tough boss fight and I could see a lot of turn over.

Enter the instance and people are dying to a Thunder Lord and a Lightning Lord. If you haven't run this raid, they are the first trash you hit in the raid. People had logged off, people were leaving, people were complaining in raid chat! I went through 4 deaths, one even looked promising where we had all 25 players and made the run up the electrified stairs. Not enough healers, so we all died on the top of the stairs. It was the players saying "there's a group of us all the way at Lei Shen" (meaning they weren't helping clear trash) that I finally called it and dropped.

Once dropped, I started over on my routine. This time, I queued for Terrace of Endless Spring. Again the raid is dying to the trash. This time it's the corrupted elementals that disappear when attacked. Yeah, they were right at the landing zone for the raid. :-\ Happily we all died or teleported out and they reset. Drop back in and cleared the entire raid with no more raid wipes! At least I got one more token for the Black Prince quests and a nice shiny belt. Only 300g in the hole.. Gems and buckle later, I am broke!


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