Elkagorasa's Raiding UI

With my recent feature post on Amijade's blog, I figured it's time to refresh my user interface post. Below is a sample of my current raiding (questing, rep grinding) user interface.

Nothing fancy, mostly like the default interface. I like moving myself, pet, target, and focus down below my toon's feet. This way I can focus on the fight and not need to look around the screen.

Here are my addons:
  1. Addon Control Panel so that I can swap between AH and DPS/Questing addons.
  2. Bartender4 to shrink buttons main rotation buttons down to 70% normal size, shrink main menu and 'out of combat' buttons down to 50% and to create a CYA button bar- on use button (soulstone, fear macro, teleport macro, healtstone macro)
  3. XPerl to provide detailed views on myself. Standard interface allows moving user frames around, but xPerl will also include target-of-target-of-target options and "my spells are larger" views.
  4. Skada as a damage meter. I like that I can turn off healing meters when doing DPS, and DPS meters when healing. 
  5. WeakAuras with those posted by Poneria.
  6. Pawn / TBag / BagSaver to keep trash down to minimum.  Pawn to rate items that come in based on defined scales. TBag to give sorted all-in-one bag view. BagSaver auto-sells greys, and soulbound non-class gear. 
  7. Omen to track my threat level. Quite often in top 5 in LFR. 
  8. DeadlyBossMods to yell at me when I am standing in the fire.
  9. Vuhdo for buff frames, but also great for when running on healer alt. 
  10. RandomMount because it will randomly select an appropriate mount for area. Nicely rotates between all my mounts.
  11. Outfitter so that I can auto-equip gear based on situations. For example, auto-equip tabard when in a dungeon or raid situation, or equip PVP gear when tagged for PVP. 
  12. _NPCScan to watch for those elite rares
  13. Reforgerade for quick reforges
  14. WoWDB Profiler for inteventory uploads to WoWDB (aka Curse)
  15. AskMrRobot so I can use the Ask Mr Robot "Best in Bags" option. 
You can download all of these addons via my Addon Pack on Curse. The Saved Variables link SHOULD make it look like my screenshot above. (I haven't tested it, hoping Curse did). 

It's not a pretty UI, but I find it really useful.

BTW, I guess my math wasn't too far off... 6 years is correct if you link back to my work related content, which of course is no longer relevant to the game, but still a bit interesting... 


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