Tagging Phased Major Nanners

Major Nanners is a rare spawn elite that sits on the border between the Valley of Four Winds and
Kun Lai Summit. He sits on the edge of a pond and would disappear when I got close to the pond (still haven't done many quests in area.) . I tried a number of times to agro him using my FelGuard, but couldn't keep him hooked. Nanners also has 3 corporals standing next to him and you can easily drag a few along when you get him.

Nanners can be seen down in chat window.
I found that if I sent my voidwalker to the edge of the cliff. I could then (CTRL+1) tell him to attack Nanners. Let him agro, then tell him to return to me. When he was within spell range, tell my voidwalker to attack and keep him at a distance. We made 2 attempts, first time Nanners brough along one more, we killed the corporal, but not Nanners before he killed us. Run back to corpse, avoid giant bananarang and successfully kill him! Sadly, nothing fun dropped off him.



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