Already Honored with Sunreaver Onslaught?!

4 days of dailies for the Sunreaver Onslaught and I've gone from neutral to honored. Nice. Of course it doesn't hurt that there are anywhere from 12 - 19 daily quests to complete. At honored, I was able to pickup this new belt for 300g. It was a decent upgrade from what I had before.

I completed the first of the raid's last night in the Heart of Fear LFR. From the Blade Lord Ta'yak fight, I won a new pair of bracers. As a note, don't use an Elder charm when you have already won the bracers. I simply got 2 sets of bracers. FYI, I hate this boss fight. Without a run-speed bonus, I was not able to finish this fight. I simply could not get out of the way of the tornadoes to avoid all of them. Maybe a potion? I ended up dying at the end of the hall where the boss first 'blew' us. I like this strat, if I could have only reached him the first time...
An easy strategy for 2nd phase is this: When you first reach him, keep applying DoTs. When Boss HP is around 11% (this number depends on your raid DoT power) just jump into the winds on the sides and keep running to the other end. While you are travelling, the DoT should be enough to push him to the 10%. If you timed it good the boss will appear on that end when you arrive. (source)
I wonder if my warlock gateway would have worked? I know all the locks setup their gateway across the poisoned floor for Imperial Vizier Zor'lok's fight. 3 warlocks, 3 gateways across the floor 2/3rd the raid got a free flight across.

Garalon was long, but easy as a ranged. I had no issues with not standing in his hit box. In fact, I was inspired being one of the last 8-10 standing at the end of the run. Since I started the raid at this boss, I had to run again to kill off the first 2 bosses. This time wasn't so lucky. One player insisted on stabby stabby on the belly and causing the Garalon to crush all of us. Bad warrior. Start running back in for the 3rd attempt and he's already engaged. I decided to drop group. LFR can find another DPS to kill him off.


  1. Lock gateways work great! You can set it up so that it drops you right on the platform at the end of the hallway for the 20% phase, and then use the slipstream to help get into position for the 10% phase.

    Unless you were looking to use a coin for a bonus roll, there's no need to kill Garalon a second time in one raid lockout period. Once you've killed all the bosses, no matter the order, it's best to move on to the next raid unless you really want a specific piece of gear from a boss. I usually save my coin rolls for bosses in Terrace that drop the Sha-touched weapons or bosses that drop tier gear.

    1. Yeah, I hadn't realized that I was actually rolling on the same piece of gear. I thought 'maybe' another item would drop off the boss. Ah well.

      As for Garalon, I was more wanting to see the fight again. My first run-through was a one-shot. Second time, not so much.


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