LFR Still Stinks. Gear is too low to continue.

I have come to realize that raiding without rep grinding is going to be very very boring.

I am stuck at this point waiting for the random number gods to drop me an upgrade. I am still sporting my crafted pvp helm and several other blue sub-460 items. My only saving graces last night, a winning roll on heroic version of my old shoulders (450 -> 463), and "Love Is In The Air" started Sunday, so I picked up the 480 necklace (463 -> 480). Finally, off the AH, I purchased a new pair of bracers for 1100g (450 -> 476). This only brought my overall average iLevel up 3 points (from 462).

Outside of straight RNG, I COULD look into valor/rep upgrades, but bah humbug. It just sounds painful. Shado-pan (head), Golden Lotus (chest), Dominance Offensive (shoulder, belt, trinket & feet) and/or Klaxxi (legs & belt) all Revered.

As you can see, I am not very reputable. In fact, Dominance Off likes me best with only FRIENDLY. You'd think that since this is a outfit ran by Garrosh himself, that I'd already have decent rep.. but alas..  Maybe find me a guild tailor? (or get my tailor leveled to 90 and Honored with the Golden Lotus).

Trying to get my iLevel up to 470 so that I can reach the next raids entrance requirements is going to take awhile. Maybe it IS time to quest??


  1. Get into a Sha group and get your free boots! I would stick with the Dominance group, as the quests are quick and easy. They also offer the highest level items to purchase.

  2. I'm with the above poster on joining a Sha group. The boots are 476 and something you get from a quest item you retrieve from the boss after killing him the first time. And if you're lucky you can walk away with a piece of tier gear from the regular drops :)

    The chest from tailoring is nice, but yeah - means you have to find a friendly Tailorer with Spirits of Harmony to spare (and the rep required!).

    At least in the patch, which looks like it's coming in a couple of weeks, they're making the drop rate in the older LFR instances higher. So gearing up to join the new ones should be quicker. :)

  3. A sha kill group is definitely something I will look into. Sadly the population on Malfurion is rather quiet when these come up.. Maybe I'll get a chance this weekend.


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