Gear Math

Inspired by Cynwise, I decided to do a little math. Ok, no deep analysis, just some basic calculations on my gear. I want to know what it's going to take to get me into the next level raiding.

Current iLevel
I have an average gear score of 465 equipped now. This is found by doing a simple average of my equipped gear. Fire up Excel, and fill in the numbers, easy to do.

By tinkering with the numbers for gear iLevel, I found that by increasing a single item by 10 points (460 -> 470), it makes my overall average score increase by ~1. For example, when I replaced my crafted PVP helm (450) with the scenario reward (463), I went from an average score of 464.5 to 465.3 (0.8 increase). To do a full point increase, I'd need a 16 point change (i.e. 450 -> 466).

I want a 470 overall (average) ilevel. To do so, I need to improve my over all score by 4.7 points or add 75 points on my gear.

Add REP Gear
Spin it around, I have 3 pieces that are over 470, (2*476 and 480), for 22 points combined. Those points mean that I can have a few items that are under 470 (by 22 points) and still reach raid ready. Or, I can have one item at 458 and one at 463 (i.e. 19 points) or three items at 463, if I upgrade everything else to 470.

Dominance Offensive is still the way to go. Trinket = 458 to 496. Waist or feet = 463 to 496. This puts my average gear score at 469.8 or with rounding, close enough. Now, I just need to run those dailies, what, another 15 times to Revered?? With 5.2,  I could also start a work order (if I understand this correctly) and get an additional 400 rep each day.

The changes coming up in 5.2 look promising. (Next Tuesday?) Valor point rates drop, rep options increase, new scenarios and raid factions. I am hoping I'll be able to pickup the 522 neck piece from the raid faction without entering the raid (hopefully not like Firelands). Of course, all my valor will probably convert to justice, so technically not a net gain.


  1. Happily Blizz changed their mind. They're not going to convert Valor to Justice. So you should be "safe" there at least.

    Currently I'm.. well I'm worried about becoming bored with the game.. or overwhelmed with the requirements to move on with the game. I'm worried if I sit down and do a comparison such as you've done here that I'll start to feel hopeless and overwhelmed and that I'll just give up and go back to not-playing. So instead of forming a plan and then studiously working towards it.. instead I'm sort of flitting from one thing to the next doing whatever sounds fun.. in whatever order I want to do it. As long as it seems fun I think I'm going to stick with it.

    I am slightly annoyed that I can't jump into a raid.. but then again.. my raiding group (and guild) went poof while I was AFK so the possibility of my joining a regular raiding group is only slightly above nil. I think if I -really- want to do that I'll need to knuckle down, get the raiding gear and interview with new guilds.

    Right now that just smacks of effort.


  2. I am happy to hear that about my valor. It's taken a really long time for me to get my 1800 valor that I have now. This expansion has been the hardest for me to gear up. As with you Nibs, my guild has all but imploded making raiding all but impossible. Without that added opportunity to actually negotiate on 10-man pieces, I have only seen a neck drop in LFR. In fact, the same neck has dropped twice. AND it's lower score than my "Love" neck.

    As for getting bored, I am keeping my game play minimal. I queue up for both a scenario and heroic dungeon. Scenario is typically instant queue. As soon as the scenario completes, the heroic pops. (Blizz actually puts the queue on hold until the scenario ends). While in the heroic dungeon, I'll queue for the LFR (at least last night). Raid is almost ready when the dungeon completes. After that, I finish my daily chores then log off for the night.


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