Loving Some Mr Robot Beta Love

I've been taking a peek at some of the exciting Ask Mr Robot beta features and find them VERY exciting. The latest round of changes to the site include finding and acquiring gear upgrades and using upgrades that already sit in your bags.

First off, I haven't spent all my justice points. Maxed out at 4000 points and didn't want to just throw them at something. This meant (with the old interface), going through each upgrade listed (on the AMR site) and trying to find which gave the greatest + score value. Now (in the beta) they have a separate interface that will break down each upgrade. Of course #1 and #2 upgrades are replacing my crafted pvp chest piece.

After replacing my few remaining quest greens, I finally reached 450 and can now queue for the LFR. Similar to the justice point upgrade sheet, now I can see which raids would provide me the best # of upgrade options.

Where should I queue? This is a two part. 1) View which raid has the most upgrades for me, then click 'view all' to see a list of all of them. Now, when an upgrade pops up, I will know to click that "NEED!!" button immediately.
Sure, AMR still has all the awesome reforge and enchant optimizations. The site has now expanded on the shopping list options thought. Now instead of just buy this, you can get a checklist of buy this or these mats. In addition, it breaks down the gemming and reforge options that you still need to be perfect.

Really excited about these upcoming changes. These are some of the original "i want!, i want!" from the original version that other DPS optimization sites offered. I love how they've integrated the new features with their old.


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