IT: What If...What If It Wasn't Panderans?

Sitting here today, looking at all the news releases coming out on Mists of Panderan, I start to wonder if Blizzard really could have picked a different race to come out in the next expansion. OK, sure, it has Panderan in the title, so really, would there be any other option??

Aside from that, as I skim down the story line in the game so far, is there a distinct class/race combination that screams out to be played? The Azeroth lore is fairly rich with strong classes, but most are already played, or simply variants of what is already there. This got me thinking... what about the centaurs?
I mean, there's a whole quest chain in Desolace where we befriend one of two local tribes. We work on getting their trust so that we can move on to the next area. If I remember correctly, all horde picked the tribe closest to the stronghold there so they didn't get attacked running to/from the base. BUT, that's besides the point.

Think about the benefits.

  • Melee friendly class. Leather armor. 
  • Carries axes, staves, shields and swords. 
  • Sure there are healers too... 
  • They already have a mount; built in horse, duh!. 
  • They already have relations with Horde (and maybe Alliance?)
Now, don't get me wrong, I think the idea of playing Poh from Kung Fu Panda sounds like fun. The first level probably has you bringing your noodle cart up the giant set of stairs, then bouncing back down to the bottom for an achievement?!? 

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This post idea came up as I was listening to the audio book, "Guild of the Cowry Catchers". The story contains humanoid characters that are part griffin, fox, lion and such (grishnard, foxlings).  In addition, the main character, Gerard, has a pet griffin that he owns, rides and chats with. The audio is full cast (not just the author doing all the voices) and has a great story line. Despite the author's warning "for people who shop in the grown-up section of the bookstore", I would put it around PG13. A little bit of violence (beheadings) and "adult situations" subtext, but no actual visuals. A lot less than, say, trade chat. 


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