Beta invites are going out..

Guildie just texted me. He's received his Beta invite and is downloading the files at this moment.

Poneria has posted a nice screenie of various MoP Warlock glyphs. I am absolutely loving the Glyph of Felsteed which will allow my warlock mounts run across water (like DK Path of Frost). Curious about the Glyph of Shadowbolt splitting into 3 smaller attacks. Does that mean we'll have another frontal AOE type of attack? or maybe machine-gun like the Mage Arcane Barrage?

Will Glyph of Felguard (use weapon out of your backpack) use the weapon's special abilities? Well my felguard now spawn pumpkin men when using the HH sabre?

There's something to say about Poneria's theory about Lock Tanking. Glyph of Demon Hunting makes Soulshatter a taunt when in demon form. Glyph of Healthstone returns 100% of your health (instead of roughly 45%?)


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