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OK, so I am finally ready to run the Dragon Soul LFR raid. Gear iLevel 378, enchanted with as many cheap enchants as affordable and fitted gems in all slots. To prepare myself (and not look like a total raid noob in front of a bunch of strangers), I like to read strat guides, or watch a video revealing the fight mechanics.

One site that's just come up is L2Ptv or Learn 2 Play's main focus is to provide new and learning players guides and videos on how to play their class, guides for various zones, and even raid boss mechanics. The part I took advantage of, was, the raid bosses. The videos, each about 2 minutes long, provide a quick over view of the boss, visuals of the mechanic plus a nice how to deal with each mechanic. Morchok = run to crystals to decrease damage, stand back for stomp, stand behind pillars to avoid aoe when he throws them off him.

As a subscription service, there is a lot of content they've marked premium and has some interesting potential. I really look forward to checking out the PoV videos for each boss, for each class type. Where on searching Youtube, you can find a few boss videos, but you're not likely going to find (a good) video specifically highlighting your class. Yeah, not a lot of warlocks making raid videos out there.. (Still not). L2P has the groundwork down to provide this, with their Balance Druid videos starting to come on line.

For subscribers they provide one additional service that really sounds intriguing. If you're having major issues with your game play and just can't seem to reach the DPS that you should be, l2p, will take your video and review it. Providing you with details on how to improve play, review your armory for gearing suggestions. Sort of like having that guild member that always knows how to help out and is willing to provide you more pointers.

If you're interested, I highly suggest checking it out further. L2Ptv has drawing for the first 1000 people who subscribe to their site. That's like a 0.1% drop rate of L2PTV swag. That's a better drop rate than the trinket I am trying for..


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