Working towards a 378 iLevel

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With a group that knows these fights, this round of end-game dungeons doesn't seem as painful, as say Wrath when we finally made it into ICC. There was a definite dread last expansion when ever you randomly landed in Halls of Reflection. So far in the runs I've had, Dragon Soul seems fairly well balanced and no major surprises. Even picked up 3 new upgrades on my first time through and that's only because I lost the chest drop to the guild mage, typical. :) Now, I am sporting the healie helm, which isn't ideal, at least it's a gear score better than my old dog-collar.

I did sense some irritation by the people who've ran these dungeons much more than me, especially the role-play segment on the dragons happen. "Click the darn dragon...." remarks in chat.

Looking around at my guild members, I see those who are logging in, quickly trading in their i359 gear for shiny new i378. Holiday's over, we MIGHT even have enough to jump right to the new raiding environment. OOT first, hit the raid before it's nerfed!

If you are raiding, you might want to check out Poneria's gear spreadsheet. Link to download found here. It provides as a wonderful resource for what are warlock gear is out there and where to find it, segmented into the various slots. Personally, if for nothing other than to peek at what items are better bought with Valor, than vs Quest or Heroic Dungeon drops.


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