Now that you have it, what are you transmogrifying?

I have been excitedly running dungeons again. No more troll-fail-roics in my queues. Over the last few days, I believe I've hit each of the 3 dungeons about 3 times a piece. This has mean some wonderful upgrades and a good amount of valor points (~1500). I have slowly managed to upgrade all of my basic gear with i378 something-or-other. I currently have 2 items with spirit, but the the rest is all dps. Down to the trinkets, weapons and rings. Next adventure, LFR?

On my disc priest I am still avoiding the new dungeons. Healing is much more demanding than PVP. She's at a gear score of 377 PVP gear. Tonight we are planning our first jump into Season 11 arena, I am hoping for the best, but considering she hasn't maxed out on Ruthless gear yet, I imagine she'll take a beating until we get adjusted for the right match-making index.

So, are you morg-ing anything?

For Elk, I went with a skull-cap, everything else is running the default model. I thought it matched the mostly browns and blacks coming across with the new gear. I am trying to place that quilted look. I keep thinking I've seen this style before in RL.  Even if he upgrades to the Tier helm, I think'll be replacing it with this model. Much less freaky. I am sort of glad to finally get rid of those deepholm theme'd shoulders.

For Eride, she'll headed into the Arena tonight in her close approximation of a cloth ninja outfit. She's gone for as much black as possible, including a black cloak. Last weekend, I had a guild mate craft the Shadoweave Mask and then changed her top to something more color appropriate (less red than before). Then she went and upgraded her PVP Pants from Vicious to Ruthless, so need to go re-transmogrify. Looking at the recently changed WowHead, I found these pants which are a better 'black', and only 770 JP (in dalaran). I am not sure the shoulders look PVP though. I have been looking for something different, maybe these? Less 'magey?'

Maybe I should be putting more of my gold into gems and enchants and less into making the outfits look nice together. I should be almost done, assuming nothing crazy drops in the next few days. Mr Robot says I am almost BIS (pre-LFR).


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