Giving Thanks To My Fellow Bloggers

November is the time of the year to reflect. Look back at those people that have made a substantial impact, providing support, and

My Mentor Warlock Bloggers - When I started blogging about WoW some 2+ years ago, there were only a few people out there. These bloggers actively posted new content on their sites; helping others play the game and improve their blogging. As I started blogging, I wanted to find a niche that these bloggers didn't currently fill. I never saw raiding in my future. I hadn't realized how much fun PVP was going to be. I wanted to communicate about my warlockery, but as a dad of 2 who needed a place to place links.

Nibuca, Fulgaris, I couldn't have lasted this long, without your blogs, comments and linkage. Even without posting anything for months, Nibs you are my still #2. all-time highest traffic source.

Other bloggers that I liked to bounce ideas off - These bloggers have been around at least as long as myself. I have found their input in the WoW warlock community useful, insightful and even fun to bounce ideas off of. Sometimes on my comments, sometimes in theirs, we share ideas, we share readers??
  • Cynwise - PVP has never been the same since your Battlefield Manual. 
  • Poneria - You and your guild has some of the best ideas. I still want my guild to run a naked classic raid run. 
  • Mortigan - Even with your on-again, off-again blogging, you made me reconsider blogging as a less-serious sport. Rules for Raiding always the inspiration. 
  • Aphroditi - I still use add-ons you suggested in your AH guide. 

Twisted Nether Blogcast - Hydra and Fimlys - I started listening to TNB when Nibuca was there, and continued for almost a year or two afterwards. Now it's just an on and off thing, unfortunately. The interviews are interesting, and fun. Earlier this year, I was the blogger in the hot-seat. There is nothing more humbling than to have directed questions about why I did this or that in game. A public job interview. In hindsight, I know I could have done better. I am sure of it. Maybe I could have even pronounced my character's name better and remembered how to spell it. /facepalm

Reminder to self: Name was built like this (slightly different image in mind for 'gore'). 

I thought I was prepared for everything, but you really helped point out how little I was. Thanks Fimlys and Hydra.

Blog Azeroth - Those wonderful forum moderators at BlogAzeroth have long been a source of content for this site. Shared Topics are a not-so-regular but usual feature on this site. This content ranging from humorous, useful or even insightful is often some of my best received. It's knowing that other bloggers are considering using the same topic to generate ideas. Thanks for all the fish.

MMO-MeltingPot - Lastly, Hugh Hancock and his voracious appetite for all things WoW. I can't figure out how this one guy has time to read all the blogs that he comments on. Plus it's not just WoW, but numerous MMOs. Compiling short reviews of other posts, and providing a discussion board for it all. Appreciate all your time and effort Hugh.

Moving forward, I see blogging continue as long as I play WoW. Now, that's at least a guaranteed 11 more months (yep, I signed up). Thanks to all the bloggers out there that have helped me (directly and indirectly). I appreciate your content, your time and your efforts. I look forward to next year when I can include more people in this list.



  1. Wonderful post! and Thank you for participating! definitely going to edit the link in my site and in Blog Azeroth linking to this entry. Great job Elk! <3

  2. Having a warlock some of these are big favorites of mine too, although I'd have been a fan of Mortigan without a warlock.

    Thanks for some new links to discover!

  3. Haha, I love how you came up with that name xD

    Good to see how you got inspired to blog by others :-)

  4. Bouncing ideas off of other bloggers is one of the great things about doing it!

    *chuckle* at your name rebus :)

  5. Unfortunately the name is a blessing and a curse. It's so long that people have a hard typing typing and remembering it. "elka..." On the otherhand it's unique enough, that I still don't have an armory twin.


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