With the arena season ending later this month, my estimate is that it will correspond with the drop of 4.3. Numerous guilds have reached Ragnaros and are going to start getting bored. Players who can't reach Rag, like myself, will be excited when the new dungeon content comes about and the valor point system changes to 150 valor for all heroic dungeons. But my biggest reason why?

The downloader has 15gb of data downloaded to my PC.

Now, this means, my arena team has possibly two more nights before the season ends. I am hoping that my disc priest is able to reach an 1200 arena rating before end of season. My druid partner, thinks my arena skills are improving and we're definitely sticking around. He's already looking to start me in a 3's group next season. If only our timezones weren't so disparate. 

Until then, time for some shopping.. 


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