Let The Hallows Eve Alt Leveling Begin

If you have a lower level alt, now is the time to start running them around Azeroth. Find yourself a friendly guildie with a 2-man rocket and start flying around to all those Inns. Grab the flight paths and (based on last year) a nice bit of XP. It's a quest, so wear your BOA gear (and guild tabards) to get an extra bonus.

This year, Blizzard (reference) has removed some of the randomness in getting the achievement, by making the Sinister pet a vendor item (instead of solely a random drop). I like, now if I could just BUY my warlock mount.. Still a little angry about that.

Day 1: Tuesday 10-18-2011 - Got on at 1AM, Tricky Treats and a mask.
Day 1.5: 10-18-2011 PM - Hallowed Helm (that I couldn't loot because I have one in the bank).
Day 2: 10-19-2011: Sinister Squashling
Day 3: 10-20-2011: Sinister Saber (now I can summon pumpkin men in BGs, reforge off the agility and it MIGHT be viable??).
Day ?: I now have 5 Squash, thinking about making pies.


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