Who brought the snacks?

My guild starts raiding at 9:30PM local time and typically runs until midnight.Somewhere around the way, we take a 5-10 minute bio/snack break. No alcohol, coffee or soda for me. For my snack options, I have some basic criteria.

  1. Easy to grab in a hurry. I tried making toast and popcorn once and that took too long to prepare. I was the last one back from break and people were tapping toes. 
  2. Desert-ish. No, I don't want to be eating seasoned meat or garlic fries at 11PM, I want something sweet or maybe salty and sweet. (Yeah, kettle corn is great, but I only really enjoy the kind from the craft fairs, not the microwave kind.)
  3. Clean. While I love a good, messy cinnamon roll or bowl of cereal sometimes, I don't want to damage the hardware. The current rig is all I have and don't want to text a gulidie-friend saying the keyboard is broke because of my bowl of frosted flakes spilled

My favorites:
These chewy granola bars are primarily peanut and peanut butter. Coming from Planters, you can expect tons of peanuts. I can grab one of these and get back to my desk quickly. The quick boost of protein keeps me awake for the rest of the raid, no problems. (drink: chocolate milk)
Freeze-dried apples are easy, sweet and healthy. I first tried these while vacationing at Disneyland a few years ago and loved them. They are a bit 'lighter' (and fluffier) than your air-dried apples, so the package seems really small and disappears way too quickly. (drink: cold water)
I am a HUGE fan of cinnamon. I will choose a snickerdoodle over a chocolate chip cookie, every time. I love these little bite-size cinnamon cookies with a tall glass of ice-cold milk. Unfortunately the kids also like these, so they seldom stick around for very long. (drink: ice cold milk)
Cookie jar!
These are great, simple animal crackers. I like to grab a big handful of them, and enjoy them one at a time. Yeah, they are Winnie the Pooh themed.. Not very warlock-y, but I am munching down on his head. Think of them as souls, happy, gentle souls. Like the graham crackers, the kids love these in their lunch boxes, so they disappear quickly. Buy these at costco. (drink: chocolate milk).
Dry cereal is always an option. I enjoy frosted mini-wheats because they are easy to grab and can eat just a few; very filling. Plus, having them around doesn't require any fore-thought; they're always in the house. (drink: ice cold milk)

I am curious. Do you snack when you raid? What do you enjoy?


  1. I am ashamed to say I normally go with candy. And of course, a nice steaming hot cup of tea, always ready! Or no, it's not always ready, so then I have to speed-do one during a break. Maybe I should prepare better for our snack breaks...

  2. It's amazing what you can cook up in 5 minutes with a bit of practise. I've been known to quick-fry a steak, for example.

    A recommendation on this subject if you're interested, actually - the book "Real Fast Food" by Nigel Slater includes a fair number of seriously delicious sub-10-minute ideas...

  3. Thanks Hugh. Here's your book on Amazon. I like a number of the points the first reviewer left, quick, realistic foods, and their nutritious.

  4. @Zinn, Candy has never been a really high on my list. In fact, for holiday's (Halloween, Easter), I've been known to receive candy that I had previously stored from last year. Checking my raid snack shelf (stashed beyond my wife's and 9yo's reach), I still have a few chocolate treats in a large plastic tupperware. :)


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