I am King of the Spider Hill

Last night after completeing my Firelands dailies for the upteenth time, I decided to take on one of the "Flamebreaker" achievements. King of the Spider Hill has you go out to the Widow's Clutch and use the spider's ability to pull you up to the top of the hill.

The hardest part of this achievement, is finding where to where to start. You need to have line of sight with each of the spiders to get them to attack you. I found two spiders around the back side of the largest rock both fairly low to the ground. Both are on large platforms. I started with the guy on the right, and then worked my way around the spire.

I started on the right, but looks like the guy
on the left would have worked as well.

From that first vantage point, work yourself clockwise around the spire. I was able to make the entire progression in about 7 different hops.


  • I went Destruction for the progress. I used the Imp's ranged attack to help. The Felguard sat idle during the fight. He would hop with me, but did no fighting.
  • The spiders are friendly until attacked. One platform had two spiders on it, and using my Fel flame, I aggro'd just him. Then when I was done, killed the second because I accidentally clicked on him and whacked him with my weapon.
  • I didn't need to use any crazy AOE for LOS issues. Every spider I killed nicely had something sticking out over the edge of the pillar. 

From the top, it all seemed fairly obvious. 

Have fun!


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