Have you done the Virtual Ticket?

I have long wanted to go to Blizzcon, but due to family commitments, this Warlock has never attended, and in all honesty, probably never will. My wife would literally kill me if I "abandoned" her to play games out of town on a school night. Work conference? Totally acceptable. Warcraft? Um, no. So, why would I even consider it?

Blizzcon is the big reveal. This is when our game grows, or the company throws out new concepts to an eager crowd. I can imagine that Blizzcon will define the next major patch (4.3) coming out. Since this expansion is about the elements, I am guessing a water raid encounter to be coming soon. (Back to Vash'jir we go) The chance to see this new environment and bring that to you sounds exciting! 

How about the in-game rewards? Oh sure! When I first saw the bear mount appear in Shattrath, minutes after Blizzcon started, I was jealous. That was before the Virtual Ticket was available (IIRC). Spotting the flaming murloc while running my (dreaded) Fireland's dailies and he's spewing fire, I am jealous again. I want! (at 106 of 125). 

My biggest problem is work. There is no way my employer is going to allow me to stream hours of video to my desk. I would absolutely need to watch the Instant Replay of the entire event. I am not sure I really have the time or patience to sit at my desk at home, after the kids are asleep, watching people talk (and not play Warcraft). 

So what's it worth? I've mentioned before, that I thought the 'recruit-a-friend' mount is cool. I'd pay $30 for it; by setting up an account for my kids, then canceling it after the mount arrived. Would I pay $40 for a Blizzcon pet/mount?? I think that may be a bit too much. 

How about you? Have you bought a Blizzcon Virtual Ticket? If so, will you do it again this year?


  1. Xay√≠de@GurubashiAug 8, 2011, 1:03:00 PM

    I'm in pretty much the exact same situation... Including the work, patience and pet issues...
    I'd really like to have the exclusive pet, but it seems a bit steep for just that...

    And, can you still get the rocket mount for $30? Don't you have to pay 2 months of game time in addition to the CD key to get it?

  2. Hmm, I didn't think I'd need to buy a copy of the software. I had download the full client from Blizzard on the second PC. As if it would actually be used...


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