I think it's time for a change ... of professions.

My Disc Priest, fka Bank Alt, is coming up on level 85. Guildies have already expressed interest in having her start filling in as a healer for pinch situations. With raiding on the horizon, I need to seriously consider what perks that she can get to help her be best healer available.

While leveling her up, I made a few considerations. First, I wanted a profession that provided me a bit of gold. With Elk being an Alchemist/Herbalist, I had my transmutes and flasks covered. No need for those. Gathering professions didn't look good considering I was leveling solely up via the LFG tool. There is no way I wanted to go back to the starting areas and level up mining, or skinning (and therefore no leatherworking or blacksmithing). Inscription and enchanting seemed the perfect fit. I could DE while in PUG and create glyphs for big money. 

Looking forward, I think it's time for a change. Inscription is not the big money maker it was. In fact, I am not sure I really need a big money maker any longer. What I need is perks; perks that help me be a better healer, without making me revisit the starting areas again. My current consideration is Tailoring. This profession, besides allowing me to create a full PVP set for her, also has perks that increase my stats.

Leveling Tailoring. Starting over with a new profession means work. First off, you're going to need a bunch of mats, and sometime just sitting there clicking 'create' for each (group of ) item(s). I love the addon AdvanceTradeSkillWindow (ATSW) for this. (I know, I was looking at TSM, but I haven't gotten it configured yet...). ATSW allows you to queue up a series of recipies, then simply click "Process Queue" for each item to build. Additionally, it provides a nice clickable shopping list to all your toons.

What to create? Wow-Professions has a great guide for leveling. My friend/guildie has used their site a number of times to level several professions. I love that they have laid out the materials and # of each item that I need to level. Do read ahead on the list though. You will be weaving together items through the various levels, so don't throw away or sell extra items, until you reach the next training spot. For example, you are to create 130 bolts of linen cloth for levels 1-45, but don't use all of them until you reach skill level 100.

So, now the plan is made. I need to go get a kitten and sewing basket. Go to the local guild bank or, I mean auction house and start grabbing materials. Sit down in the corner and start whipping out bags, clothing and maybe a few carpets! If I am lucky, maybe I can sell a few of these items back. If nothing else, she can get a 'smart' looking top hat to wear (if it ever appears in game). 


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