Companion Pet 106: Westfall Chicken

. Last night, our raid group had 12 people who wanted to go. Being one of the best geared DPS in the group, I gracefully dropped so that my guildies could get some upgrades. Of course, first boss down, and they announce they got Valor points for taking down Magmaw. (Yeah! There back!)

My #1 priority last night was to complete the "CLUCK!" quest. This hidden in-game quest has been available to the Horde since patch 3.1, but hey, I was busy. Prior to this patch, a horde player could only get this pet if you knew an alliance player to do the hard work, and you were there to loot it. As of 3.1, you could now buy the special feed from William Saldean (undead) in Brill.

This comment sums up the Horde process.
  1. Go to Brill (Yeah, Brill, not Westfall)
  2. Target a Chicken from Brill
  3. Spam this macro until it turns green:
  4. Get the quest
  5. Turn in in the same time (it requires the feed you already have) and wait for an egg
  6. Loot the egg
  7. Gratz for your new pet
 Some notes:
  1. If someone shared the quest with you, you'll have to abandon the quest and do your own chicken dance.
  2. I had to spam the macro probably about 30 times the first time.
  3. If you don't accept the quest quickly, the chicken will stop offering it. (wait on things like taking screenshots or annoucing it in guild chat).
  4. The egg is BOP, so only grab enough food for yourself.
  5. Do wait for the egg. I ran off to get more food, came back to the chick and an egg was sitting there, waiting to be looted (by ANYONE!).


  1. I love that stupid chicken. I do that quest on every character that I happen to take through Westfall. (Turn off your sound because... argh /chicken!)

    If some moron kills your targeted chicken and thinks he's clever, drive to his house and kick him in the shins. (That is so not funny, killin my chicken after I did the emote a MILLION times.)

  2. After I missed my first chicken giving me the quest (above screenie) and then he decided to take it back, I accidentally killed him myself. Spent the next 5 minutes running around Brill trying to find another live chicken (up by zep landing) to cluck at...

  3. One of the easiest vanity pet quests, yet one of the silliest. I heard stories of wolves eating the chicken before the quest is given.


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