PSA: 4.2 Preparations...

The 4.2 patch is going to drop. MMO-Champion estimates this coming Tuesday (6/28). Sounds good, as it will give most people the long (US) holiday weekend to explore the Firelands new content and get them prepared for the new raid content.

Reminder on Currency Conversion:
With this new raiding tier, comes the standard currency conversion. At least, unlike Wrath, Blizzard isn't going to create a new currency, per se. They are simply going to devalue your current valor points, so that they are equivalent to Justice points. I'd like to suggest you spend some points this today and get yourself under 4000 combined total. I am a little torn about what to buy.
  • What you could buy now for valor points, will be purchasable in 4.2 for Justice points. So no effective price difference between today and next week. If you have enough, buy a valor item now.
  • If you have an abundance of Justice Points, then buy a BOA item and send it to that alt you've neglected. The BOA gear isn't going to change price and they're not adding (i don't think) anything new. 
  • Don't buy Justice Point items that have identical Valor point items. 
The alternative is that you get some gold for being over the 4000 justice point limit. 

Reminder on pre-patch clean-up:
Patches can hit like a Mack truck. Show up on Tuesday and run amok of everything, then drive off,  and leave you to cleanup. With this incoming load of patch, I suggest there are two things you pay attention to.
  1. Empty your in-game mailbox; don't forget the alts. I've had once where Blizzard lost all my mail and had to wait 3 days for it to be restored. When it came back the messages required 2 clicks to open, then another to grab the item. That was a lot of clicks on my bank alt's mailbox.
  2. Update your addons. With a major content patch like this, Blizz is likely to tweak the user interface. This means that you will likely have issues the next time you logon. Hopefully your addons are supported by people playing on the PTR, so day 1, you should have functionality. Just make sure you update them. 
Will it hurt if you do nothing? Probably not. You might find you have some extra gold in your bags, a few more clicks to empty your bags and your client might not load correctly the first time, but nothing permanent. Is it avoidable, or at least able to be mitigated now? Definitely. Prepare ahead and do a little summer cleaning.


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