Voluntary Demon Change

Last night while running through the Drag in Orgrimmar, I stumbled upon the Demon Trainer, Kurgul. I hadn't visited this guy in a few patches and thought I'd check out what he's up to. Come to find out (since the 4.0.3 patch) that he allows you now to unbind your current demon and summon a new one. Unhappy with Thooshak's performance in the PVP arena and those constant threats about "if you summon me again, be warned", I thought I'd let him go. YOU"RE FIRED!

50g in paperwork later, I now have a new Felguard. Oddly this guy looks like the identical twin to the last. No female form, no coloration difference. Only thing I see changed, is now his unpronounceable name. I think I'll simply call him Izzy.


  1. When I rolled my lock, as it seems with you as well considering the old name of you pet, all Felguards had basically the same name. It was Haathuns (like mine) and Hoothuns all over the place. I remember how it really annoyed me and I would've done anything to be able to change it. Then came the new pet names, and I thought they were so much cooler. I mean imagine having an Ikvilvazul instead of a generic Haathun. But now I think that the Haathuns might be a dying breed. The last of its kind as more and more locks reroll or otherwise disappear and are replaced by new ones. Maybe I should keep my old pet just as a testiment that my lock is an old lock and my pet is an old pet.


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