I am loving the new ZA!

No longer that silly hat,
but now a dog cone.
I am really loving the heroic Zul'Aman dungeon. Last night, I pugged the dungeon again, making it my third time into the dungeon since 4.1 dropped last week. I still have yet to complete the save the sacrifice's quest, but I picked up a couple nice new upgrades.

Last night's run had to been the most aggressive run. It contained 3 members of the same guild, plus a pugged healer and myself. We completed the entire dungeon in under an hour. I found it odd that I hardly ever ran out of mana, must of been some mad replenishment going on. I only life tapped out of habit before harvesting souls.

The last two successful runs, took the following route. This route has a bit of a parkour feel. We hopped over walls, we jumped over broken stairs, even crossed the water, all to avoid trash fights. Having a DK in the group, really helps. The first time I ran it, we did boss 2 & 3, ported out of the dungeon, back in and did 1, then across the water by the entrance to 4,5,6.
With the changes to 4.1 where team composition is to avoid gear overlap (i.e typically dk or warrior tank, pally or druid healer, warrior and hunter or rogue for dps), I've been able to pickup a few nice upgrades and never felt I had to compete. To date, I have won (and equipped)
Collar of Bones
Jan'alai's Spaulders
Shimmerclaw Band
Voodoo Hexblade

and the 24 slot bag, quest reward. These items pushed my iLevel up 2 points from 351 to 353. I'd still love to pickup the wrists; from one of the to-be sacrificed prisoner's own belongs (boss 2). The Armani War bear mount would be awesome, but I doubt I'll ever see it ('cuz I got worst mount drop luck). Finally, the novelty of the voodoo mask trinket, might be fun in random situations, say raid trash.

To date, I still haven't seen an entire run of Zul'Gurub. Every party into that dungeon has been a fail, after fail. Take that back, I came into a pug on the last, last boss. My party made it easy. I just stood out of the fire (or is it in the green dome of goodness), and killed demons, making sure my dots stayed on the boss, while the rest of the group did the rest. Here's to hoping for a run coming soon...

You may want to check out WowHead's Patch 4.1 gear breakdown. It has a breakdown and basic comparison of the options that were currently available and what came in 4.1.


  1. Gotta love gear upgrades, Grats :D
    I've managed a guild run of ZG, I'm always relieved when I get a dungeon finished.
    Failed at a pug ZA, couldn't decide if it was my healing failing or the dps failing at the mechanic grrr
    I did like the feel of being back in there tho so I really should make the effort to run it in a guild group. The route you show looks like the one we used back in the day, amazing what a difference it can make when people are familiar with the content.

  2. Bracers this expansion is a joke. To this date through all of my dungeon runs and raids I've not seen a pair of cloth bracers drop that doesn't have Spirit on them! No wait, we finally got one pair the other night (which I lost to a Shadow Priest - but fair enough, I have a Spirit pair with the exact same stats I guess).

    I like ZA, it's fairly quick to run these days as long as people know what they're doing. ZG is a bit more of a mess, but I'm lucky to generally have at least 1-2 guildies with me, so it's not too horrible. You still end up wiping some times though. Which is frustrating.

    But I won't complain too much, my baby Paladin has geared up quite well through those instances! And they're quite fun, it's good to see them again and at the appropriate level. It's not quite the same as running through something when you're 20 levels higher than the content. This way at least more people get to see it properly :)


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