Do You Vuhdo Too, Warlock?

As a disc priest, I love the addon Vuhdo. Combine the ctrl, alt and shift keys with my 5 button mouse and I can cast virtually all the primary healing spells I'd ever need. I can automate trinket usage, and casting buff spells (i.e. power infusion) in line with everything else, or call on macros that would combine the functionality of different items automatically. In addition, Vuhdo has buff minding and simple casting options (click buff and it applies it), plus auto-cast of some spells (i.e. click on dead toon to rez) or middle-click to debuff magic. After my interview with TNB, where Fimlys mentioned he uses this instead of the standard, Blizzard party/raid window, I got to thinking about how I could use this healing tool more effectively as a warlock.

Some ideas.
  1. Buff: Dark Intent - Out of the box, Vuhdu tracks self-buffs (Fel Armor, Soul Link, and Dark Intent, etc.). I can click on the self-buffs and it immediately casts them on myself. Last night in the raid, it targeted the person I had selected and then the allowed me to simply re-cast the buff through out the night without thinking. Most excellent after a wipe.
  2. Soulstone battle rez - Peeking at the "smart-cast" UI, there is an option for a battle-rez, but it states that it's "druids only". If this is 'fixed' in an upcoming patch, great, but how about I use soulstone on alt-click targets, sorta like a heal, right? Wonder if they'll have a soulburn+soulstone combination added? I could group the items as a macro??  I haven't gotten this working yet. Multiple-clicking on dead people only targeted them multiple times.
  3. Singe Magic - Running Destruction, my best friend is the imp. The imp has an ability to dispel a harmful magic debuff from a client. I use it personally to remove the "Static Cling" spell off myself in Vortex Penn. While playing a healer, all the dispel options are shift+click. How about shift-click to do have my imp fry them?
  4. Target of target -Previously, I'd set my focus to my tank, then I could simply click on my tank, and assist with his target. Unfortunately, with the higher CC requirements in Cata, my focus is already used by my fear/banish macros. On the Vuhdo party interface, I can see who is targeting who. By expanding this 'hostile' field wider, I can see the mob's name and a larger health field. Now, I can simply hop to the add, burn it down then jump back to boss (aka tank's target).

I am sure there are other options. It does have basic hostile spell options, but they aren't that well defined. I am also a bit of a button-masher and not a clicker. I'd like to be able to apply BoHavoc on a target and not click off my current target, I think that should be easy to figure out. I need to run a few battlegrounds and fine-tune the interface more.

I'll post my updates that I find. Do you use Vuhdo for classes other than healing? I am curious to find out what you do.


  1. I use it on my tanks for LFD taunts, basically a [@targettarget] taunt, works wonders for retarded dps... For my Mage, I use it for Slow Fall, Remove Curse, and Focus Magic. For my Rogue, I use it for Tricks of the Trade. Warrior has it for Intervene. Hunter has it for a few different pet functions, Passive, Follow, Stay, Mend Pet, and any special moves I may want manual control of. All classes have Interrupts and CC on it in the same manner, for MC'd party members.

    Let's just face it, VuhDo is the shizz!


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