Playing with my Alts.

Last weekend, Elk got a case of the 'been there, done thats". After running my daily heroic on Saturday night, I decided it was time to fire up my Discipline Priest alt again. She hasn't gotten any game play since 4.01 dropped. To top it off, OOT had reached Guild level 10, and now she can run with the (BOA) Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak, for an additional +5% xp. (so that's +10% chest, +10% shoulders, +5% cloak, +5% guild perk = +30% xp for each kill!).

Since, I haven't played a healer in quite some time, I figured, what better than a BG; quick queue time and no punishment for letting people die. I ran three back to back BGs and found the experience bordering on dreadful. As Cynwise pointed out there's a new add-on out there and it's targeting healers. At several points, I found myself surrounded by not 1 or 2, but sometimes 4 or 5 people all trying to kill me. The worst experience was during a 30 minute long Arathi Basin. Luckily near the end, aka demise of the Horde, I got behind a pinch point, and was able to heal, heal, heal with only a few of the stronger characters to get passed and killing me. At least, this helped remind me of the buttons and what each of my healing spells are used for (still miss Circle of Healing from Wrath, got moved to a different level with 4.01).

To the point. With the new cloak and the guild perk, I didn't find that I leveled that much faster. Sure it's only 10% xp bonus, but I thought it would be more noticable. It probably didn't help that every other dungeon run was partially done. I bopped into the dungeon at the last or second to last boss in the run. Not a lot of xp coming off, the pre-boss trash and the boss. I am still curious, why it didn't seem that much. Maybe the cloak doesn't work until I reach a higher ranking with the guild? Does my Neutral standing on this toon, make the cloak and perk 0%? I guess I need to experiment without it and see.


  1. I found that leveling by questing and grinding in heirlooms is now faster than dungeon leveling, even as a tank. It's strange, but I really feel like I fly though the levels while out in the world on my prot warrior, while they sorta crawl by in LFD.


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