Herbalism Upgrade in 4.1

Withering potted Azshara's veil?
Coming with the content release, Blizzard is making an exciting change to Herbalism. This change is going to make grinding for those plants less tedious, maybe.

For starters, you go out and pick herbs. Instead of simply throwing the herbs into a herb bag, you will be given the option of placing that herb clipping into a pot. Luckily you'll be able to store the pots (sorry no stacking) into your existing herb bags. With these potted plants you will need to care for them regularly. Water and feed them using items you will buy from the Herbalism trainers. I imagine there may even be a series of poop related options in Stranglethorn vale. "Raptor poop makes the best plant food!".

Once you have 20 different pots going, go back to the Herb trainer in Orgrimmar and pickup the breadcrumb quest. This will have you go out to Hillsbrad and work on your faction's farm. This earn rep with the local farms faction.

Upon reaching exalted, you will have the option to purchase the farm. 20k gold, so not a little drop in the bucket, but the dividends will pay off immensely. Now the plants you harvest are yours. Imagine having an immediate supply of hundreds of Azshara's Veil available. Int flasks anyone?? :)

The process for running the farm is very simple. Regularly log on, and click on a plot of land to place 1 plant. You'll start off with 4x4 farm, so 16 clicks. In a few days, come back and click each plot to harvest your plants. Repeat this a number of times, you'll be able to purchase (yes more gold) a larger plot. Even resources that you can use to store...

April Fools!!


  1. Wait what??

    That was too funny!

    You should do one on mining.

  2. You had me going there for a second. Good one


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