Outlook (Raid) Calendar?

Hi Blizzard,

I think your group calendar feature could use a little work. See, I use Outlook at work. In this software you can send out "meeting" requests. "Meet me at Blackwing Descent summoning stone at 10PM". When I respond to a request, I can opt to send a note back. I'd love to be able tell my guild that I'll be home, but I don't plan to log on if my guild doesn't have 9 other players for the raid. Give me 100 characters, have it show on the raid invite screen when you float over my name.

Sure, I could just login, or mail my raid leader, or my co-worker who is also in the guild, but that's not the point. 




  1. Elkagorasa!!!!

    I sent you an email last week. Email me or let me know where to email you again.



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