Pug Pet Peeves - Cata style

As I am working on gathering Valor badges points for my Tier gear, I am running through my daily random Heroic. Through this I am getting to meet a lot of other late night players. Unfortunately at midnight PST (playing on a Central server), you get a wide mix of players, ranging from extreme raiders to those fresh out-of-greens.
  1.  Labels - As Poneria mentioned, we tend to love labeling players. "Wrath Baby", "Casual", "NOOB" all derogatory labels that are only used to say "I am better than you!". If you're playing a pug, you need my dps. I need the heroic for points. Let's get along. Keep using labels like that, and I'll see that we wipe and/or you'll be finding a replacement.
  2. Having the leader ask if my fear is glyphed. I suppose if I ran in all PVP gear, that would make sense, but nope, only my shoes contain any resilience. I am here for the dungeon, why shouldn't I be prepared? I am not a Wrath Baby.  ;-)
  3. Impatient tanks that try to race through content like we're all hitting a Wrath dungeon in December 2010. My rule of thumb is don't out pace your healer. If you managed to pug a healer still in low level gear, keep it slow. In addition, even though Cata has been out for 2 months, I only started running Heroics about 3 weeks ago. In addition, I only typically see one dungeon a night (pugs are slow). Therefore, I don't quite have the "Static Cling Hop" down right and will probably die.
  4. Having someone constantly quote Recount or complain about lousy caster DPS (then they die regularly). Had a Warrior that kept bashing the Shadow Priest and myself through a Heroic Vortex Penn, then to die with each mini boss in that environment. Maybe my lower DPS was cuz I was casting Banish, or moving out of the fire? Hmmm?
  5. Slow learners - Yes, it's 2 AM where you are, and midnight for me. Yes, it's probably only the second time both of us have seen this dungeon. But, when the big swirly ruins spin around your head, and the giant purple magnetic death splotch hits the ground, DON'T STAND IN IT! Run away, no not that far, she's going to despawn, there, stand there. /sigh
  6. Inspect bug - I am tired of LUA errors. I typically launch my game from the Curse updater, just so I always have the most recent add-ons. Recently I found whenever I inspect a person (4th wipe and the tank keeps dying first), I start getting Blizzard Paperdoll Inspect LUA errors. I've uninstalled ElitestGroups and GearScore off my PC and still get the errors. (only 25 add-ons running when in 'raid spec'. ) BLIZZARD!? Please fix in next patch. If the tank's in all cloth armor, I WANT TO KNOW!
My last two Heroic runs have been guildies only. That feeling is EPIC, compared to a pug. Shared vent channel, common goals, no competition for gear and players who I don't mind chastising when they die to the fire. If only I could reliably get on at 9PM, this would be so much easier. Until then, pugging it will continue to be. Cobrastyle!


  1. I definitely agree. Nothing is more irritating that having someone complain about DPS when I'm managing to do CC, not die from mechanics and still do reasonable DPS.

    I too get the paperdoll issue. I eventually nuked my entire UI and started from scratch, not sure what the culprit is.


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